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Skyline R-II Board Meeting

September 21, 2016


The Skyline R-II Board meeting met in regular session on Wednesday September 21, 2016 with 7 members present.   The consent agenda items consisting of Board minutes, bills and financial statement were presented and approved. 

In old business:  The Board reviewed and approved the annual Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP).  Two new objectives were added regarding the bus fleet and budget.       

In new business:  The Board voted to set the substitute bus driver pay at $60 per daily route.  The Board discussed current internet issues.  Morenet had provided a quote to have fiber optic put in the district which is completely out of Skylineís budget.  The Board opted to continue with the 6 Mbs through Morenet and put request for proposals out to see if there was anything else available for the district.  The Board approved the expenditure of $3000 from Title II funds to purchase 12 to 15 new laptop computers.  The following program evaluations were presented and approved:  Facilities and Grounds, Safety, Assessment Plan, Health Services, Transportation and Food Services.  Policies and Regulations that were presented and approved were: Filling Board Vacancies; Pledge of Allegiance; Bullying; Student Suicide Awareness; Notice of Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program; Instruction for Gifted and Talented Students; Design-Build Selection; Selection of Construction Manager at Risk; Construction Contract, Bidding and Awards; Nepotism, Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosures; Support Staff Duties, Schedules and Working Hours.    

In the Superintendentís Report:  Enrollment for August was 86 students in K-8th grade with 8 preschool students.  The next regular scheduled Board meeting is October 19, 2016.

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