Skyline R-II Board Meeting

June 29, 2016


The Skyline R-II Board meeting met in regular session on Wednesday June 29, 2016 with all 7 members present.   The consent agenda items consisting of Board minutes, bills and financial statement were presented and approved. 

In old business:  The Board reviewed the final budget for the 2015-2016 school year.  Total revenues for the year were:  $1,217,877.07; total expenditures: $1,185,944.43; net profit for the year: $31,932.64 with an ending fund balance of $166,452.98.  Savings were from fewer students in high school than anticipated and lower propane and diesel costs for the year.  The Board then discussed applying for a bus grant that is sponsored by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for early replacements of school buses.  The grant will only pay up to $16,000 of the cost of a new bus and awards will be granted through a random drawing.     

In new business:  The Board voted and approved the 2016-2017 proposed budget.  The budget was presented in two different formats:  one with the tax levy remaining the same and one with the proposed tax increase.  The Board approved the proposed budget without the tax levy included.  Revenue projections are just a little lower than last years because of declining enrollment.  Expenditures are also down because of fewer high school students to pay tuition on and proposed propane and diesel costs.   The Board is putting a tax levy increase on the August 2016 ballot.  If the tax levy passes it is anticipated to bring in additional $60,000 in state and local revenue.  This money will then be geared toward updating the bus fleet, technology, and safety issues.  In other new business, the Board voted to transfer $10,000 over to Fund 4, Capital projects, to start building that fund for new buses.

In the Superintendentís Report:  Enrollment for May was 88 students K-8 and 10 preschool students.    In closed session the Board hired Bridget Hicks PAT Educator and Arlen Watkins as maintenance. The Board discussed the pending Tax Levy increase that will be voted on in the August 2nd election.  The Board discussed how to disseminate information to Skyline voters about the need for the increase  The Board will once again ask voters to increase the tax levy to $3.43 (approximately a $0.49 increase) to help support the budget and to help purchase new buses. The next regular scheduled Board meeting is July 27, 2016.

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